My name is Sierra. I'm delighted you found me here. I'm a lady and a creative hedonist. I’m happiest when sharing my passions and feeding my ravenous appetite for sensual indulgences. Pleasure is important.


I fit in with the Seattle landscape quite well. Our mossy forests, intellectual-filled coffee shops, and expansive Elliot Bay make me feel at home. This season, I’ll be getting out to romp in the Cascades as much as I can. I love hiking with my dog, dance parties, and reading. Art, food, and politics are important to me. I’m a knowledge sponge and if there’s something you know a lot about, I want to hear your thoughts on it. I love discussing nuances of human connection, communication, romance, and sexuality.


Physically, I have fair features, pert breasts, shapely hips, and a libido most easily measured in parsecs. I blush easily. My innocent appearance fools people until I speak about my libidinous desires.


For as much as I enjoy spinning juicy roleplay scenarios, I adore sharing an authentic part of myself. I have buckets full of stories to share and I revel in making genuine connections.


Let’s learn from each other. Let's map out the landscape of our chemistry. Give me all the instruments to have a jam session in your brain.







Nitty Gritty

I am a rare and magical unicorn who values privacy and confidentiality. Your manners and kindness directly inform how magical our time together will be, and I enthusiastically await the opportunity to learn how you would most like to be served by the uniquely skilled companionship I offer.


So you'd like to spend time with a rare and magical unicorn:


So I can be most respectful of your time, please include the names and email addresses of two (2) independent, verifiable service providers you have seen in the past 6 months the first time you contact me. If you don’t have recent provider references, I would love to schedule a 30 minute coffee date for a $150 fee. Getting to know you is how I equip myself to provide you world-class companionship; I offer only high quality service for high quality clients.


My welcoming, air-conditioned in-call apartment sits conveniently in the Central District neighborhood of Seattle near I-90 and I-5 with ample street parking. Alternatively, out-calls to 3+ star hotels and residences within Seattle are a service I am pleased to consider for clients with whom I have better-established relationships. If your preference is for travel, I would be delighted to negotiate a carefree getaway suited to your most intimate desires for connection.


The range of companionship services I bring to the table are extensive and diverse. I rely on clear, in-person communication to negotiate satisfying specific, tailored fantasies for BDSM sessions. Whatever your interests or proclivities, I welcome the honor of discussing the experience of companionship you yearn for to determine how I can best serve your needs.


If you’ve written me but are unsure why you’ve not heard back, please remember: My assistant does not respond to emails mentioning crass or illegal activities. She prioritizes replies to correspondence that is respectful and concise. Please double check that you have provided all the pertinent information necessary in the contact form and be aware that I screen thoroughly, which sometimes takes a few extra days. Those who are most respectful of my time will most appreciate the respect I hold for theirs.

Check my twitter for recent selfies, updates, and politics. 

"She is the ultimate Girl Next Door. She is the Librarian that some will want to poke. She is the Naughty School Girl that some will want to spank. She is refreshingly open about life. She is a real sweetheart." - Decanter
"She is a warm girl; a seeker and giver of pleasure; a sweetheart who puts her whole self into her role as courtesan." - ProfessorofDesire
"She has the gift." - easygoing guy
"I was absolutely smitten by young Sierra in her lovely red dress and black-rimmed glasses. This was a classic case of her pics not truly capturing her essence in person." - Geliebter


**Please refer to my COVID-19 policies before requesting a session**
Email is handled by my assistant, Rose. Professionally, she is my Number One. Treat her well.
Seattle Rates

1500 - 3 hours of well-rounded hedonism

1800 - dinner date:  a couple hours enjoying a take-out meal and a couple hours of private time


Extended Engagements

3000 - dinner through breakfast

5000 - a luxurious 24-hours of pleasure together
7000 - 2 overnights / weekend getaway


Social Rate

300 per hour for a physically distanced date. We can video call, phone call, or enjoy a socially distanced walk in a park.


Use my booking form or email my scheduling assistant Rose directly at SierraCirque@protonmail.com



Group explorations are one of my favorite fantasies!

The following is a wishlist of sorts and an incomplete list of Seattle providers I can personally vouch for as the real deal. A select few individuals featured here are people I count as my duo partners. The rest are consummate professionals I’d be delighted to know better. Group explorations are one of my favorite fantasies! Natch, all multi-babe bookings are their rate plus mine. 


Odessa Bless : punky poetic companion with eyes of a doe and thighs of a stallion

Ivy Quill : piercing eyes, witty repartee, smoking hot body, this escort has it all

Koi Erotica : stunningly beautiful, sensually kinky, luxury Ebony companion 

Sofina : sweet and nerdy, sybaritic bombshell

Natalie Leight : petite paramour and passionate artist

Esme Wilde : statuesque, untamed, clever lady

Charlotte Confession : eloquent angel with a body built for sin

Lina Vonn : contemporary confidante 

Jessie Sparkles : masculine and muscular, mild to wild fantasy facilitator

Lorelei Rivers : babely and brainy, kinky courtesan

Amie Petite : girl next door who may chat about French lessons

Sola Love : sensual muse and sacred intimate

Maggie McNeill : busty, mature courtesan and prolific writer

Alice Carroll : super sweetie with healing vibes

Holly Lancaster : think relaxation expert with femme fatale style

Caroline McLeod, aka Tanuki : adventuresome, political, graceful, and gorgeous


Don’t see your all time favorite here? Please inquire. 😉


COVID-19 Update

  • I obviously care about my own health, the health of my loved ones, and my adored clients. I take precautions that reflect those values and see clients who feel the same.

  • I request informed consent during the booking process if a client has had potential exposure to COVID through work, family, travel, other responsibilities, activities, or life circumstance.

  • Clients must be willing to inform me if symptoms emerge up to two weeks after a session.

  • Visitors must immediately shower at the start of the session.

  • My incall space is fastidiously cleaned and sanitized between every appointment.

  • If I have any cough, fever, shortness of breath, or any other symptom, even if mild, I will reschedule our session and I expect the same courtesy in return.


“Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Generosity is one of the most attractive traits in a person, for me! Are you familiar with the 5 love languages? It turns out the mode in which affection, care, and respect is expressed truly matters. 


While tipping is not a requirement, it is a sure way to get my attention.


Want to really impress me and make my heart beam? Perhaps a little something to say “I think you’re neat” for my birthday? Support one of my favorite organizations: 

SWOP - Sex Workers Outreach Project of Seattle

Planned Parenthood

Pan Eros Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Black Lives Matter

I also have deep gratitude for receiving gifts that are thoughtfully catered to my tastes. Who doesn't love feeling appreciated? Here's a shortcut guide if you'd like to gift me something especially appropriate:

  • Books! Elliot Bay Book Company and Ada’s Technical Books are my favorite local shops to support. My taste is eclectic: I love sci-fi, fantasy, graphic novels, poetry, big ol' Taschen art books, musings on the philosophy of love, sexuality, and relationships. I collect books related to sex work. 

  • Video equipment: I am a fledgling filmmaker and am slowly acquiring the accoutrements for this passion. 

  • Original art: I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. Pick up something for me at Seattle Erotic Arts Festival and you'll earn a special place in my heart.

  • Lingerie: I'm size medium in panties and 34B bust.

  • I prefer dark over milk chocolate, but like both.

  • REI gift cards are always useful for sating my need for adventure gear. Want to get me specific thing? Fancy gadgets related to backpacking and scuba diving are particularly exciting to me right now.

  • Travel! The wanderlust in my soul runs deep. I'm constantly curious about the world and all the people in it. Let's vacation together somewhere exotic?

  • Last but not least, if you're looking for a cheat sheet: a.co/iU3unSR 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



© 2020 SierraCirque

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